Monday, March 14, 2011

More New Things



I have long wanted to try raking glass, but didn’t know where to start!   and Patty showed us!!  we cut strips in the colours we liked and made a 15cm square with strips on their sides

sat 5march 013

then we pinned a dam around it.  as you can see I stuck with my favourite colours, blues, greens aqua and almond.  

Sorry the pic is blurry.

Once it was in the kiln and hot enough I donned gloves, “jacket” and eyewear, (kiln was at approx 900degrees C) I raked a metal stick through the molten glass.  I chose to do the classic up and down.

6 march 11 011 This is t out of the kiln.


6 march 11 0126 march 11 013

Other students rakings, we all chose different colours and ways, some smarty (Anthony G) did a fabulous spiral!!!   Winking smile

I t was interesting to note that some colours “took over” Yellow , Red and black were main culprits.

I learnt something about pinning dams……

6 march 11 0256 march 11 0266 march 11 027

make sure you don’t pin too close to glass!!!  sadly I could not just pull these  pins out (a few I could) but had to resort to slicing each side of a so as to not damage diamond grinding blades….

march 12 2011 013


AH thankfully it still looks great ……and I learnt heaps!!  Winking smile

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