Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Building a Pyramid


To demonstrate and learn a little about simple casting we made “pyramid shaped paper weights.

we were very lucky to have setup for us the mold lined with kiln paper, and glass cut into triangles and resting in mold.

march 2011 053march 2011 054march 2011 055

we then filled the mold with bits n pieces of glass, coloured  clear and dichroic.  I continued my blue, green theme with litle pieces of dichro.  we filled to a bit over the top and then laid a glass square over for the base.

sat 5march 019

My Pyramid in the kiln after firing. 

To make the edges nice and sharp we used the flat lap grinder with finer and finer diamond grit ending with a polishing wheel.   

till our pyramids were smooth and shiny with “sharp” corners and tip!

pyramid 001side viewpyramid 004bottom view

unfortunately the dichroic does not show very well but u can get the idea.   You can also see the small bubbles .

One of the others filled their pyramid with frit,  this created amazing tiny bubbles.

6 march 11 035

Monday, March 14, 2011

More New Things



I have long wanted to try raking glass, but didn’t know where to start!   and Patty showed us!!  we cut strips in the colours we liked and made a 15cm square with strips on their sides

sat 5march 013

then we pinned a dam around it.  as you can see I stuck with my favourite colours, blues, greens aqua and almond.  

Sorry the pic is blurry.

Once it was in the kiln and hot enough I donned gloves, “jacket” and eyewear, (kiln was at approx 900degrees C) I raked a metal stick through the molten glass.  I chose to do the classic up and down.

6 march 11 011 This is t out of the kiln.


6 march 11 0126 march 11 013

Other students rakings, we all chose different colours and ways, some smarty (Anthony G) did a fabulous spiral!!!   Winking smile

I t was interesting to note that some colours “took over” Yellow , Red and black were main culprits.

I learnt something about pinning dams……

6 march 11 0256 march 11 0266 march 11 027

make sure you don’t pin too close to glass!!!  sadly I could not just pull these  pins out (a few I could) but had to resort to slicing each side of a so as to not damage diamond grinding blades….

march 12 2011 013


AH thankfully it still looks great ……and I learnt heaps!!  Winking smile

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Learning More



Last weekend I spent 3 days doing a course with the Amazing Patty Gray.

I learnt new techniques, refined a few old ones, and was inspired to get creating…

march 12 2011 006

These are the items I came home with, but I also come home with a head full of knowledge.   I got to use a lap grinder, diamond  saw and vitrigraph kiln , i learnt how to dam a piece, and also what not to do!  lol …


First up was a Strip Bowl

we cut strips of glass , using a strip cutter, and having a go at using the Mortons cutting system.  We could chose any colour combo and lay them out in any pattern.  as this piece was going to be at least 1/2 inch thick we were encourage to think of ways of showing depth,  I chose to place 3 “windows” with streaky glass placed at different levels .  I love the colour combo of blue and green and have used it b4, i interspersed it with some almond and clear.

To provide some contrast and focal points i placed rectangles of orange,  and layed some black stringers that had been made with the vitrigraph.


march 2011 045

march 2011 046march 2011 047march 2011 050


THis was then fused, the edges ground and polished on the flat lap grinder and by hand, then slumped into a bowl mold.


I love the result ….

march 12 2011 008

Wonder what you think!???