Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Building a Pyramid


To demonstrate and learn a little about simple casting we made “pyramid shaped paper weights.

we were very lucky to have setup for us the mold lined with kiln paper, and glass cut into triangles and resting in mold.

march 2011 053march 2011 054march 2011 055

we then filled the mold with bits n pieces of glass, coloured  clear and dichroic.  I continued my blue, green theme with litle pieces of dichro.  we filled to a bit over the top and then laid a glass square over for the base.

sat 5march 019

My Pyramid in the kiln after firing. 

To make the edges nice and sharp we used the flat lap grinder with finer and finer diamond grit ending with a polishing wheel.   

till our pyramids were smooth and shiny with “sharp” corners and tip!

pyramid 001side viewpyramid 004bottom view

unfortunately the dichroic does not show very well but u can get the idea.   You can also see the small bubbles .

One of the others filled their pyramid with frit,  this created amazing tiny bubbles.

6 march 11 035

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