Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blue Theme

Blue has to be one of my favourite colours, I use it a lot.   as you will see ;-)

In this Photo are three of my blue Retro themed pieces.                                                                    A small round dish approx 10cm diameter $10.                                                                                          A  Square Sushi dish 12 x 12 cm   $15                                                                                                        And in the back ground fluted Platter 28 x 19cm  $35.                                                                           You may have seen these before, but i have had them rephotographed by Samantha Price, and thought they were worth showing again.    

This long dish can be used for biscuits etc or for candles.             22 x 10cm   $20 

A Closer look at the larger Fluted Platter $35

I really like how this turned out.   Use it to serve some yummy homemade biscuits or to display some candles.   22 x 10cm   $20


  1. Love your work Jacqui! Might have to come see you when I get around to Christmas shopping!

  2. Oh! Thanks for doing the facebook link. Made it really easy to come here!