Monday, October 26, 2009

Green Theme

Sometimes I have a theme going in my work the next few are part of the Green theme, I could say it was inspired by our spring, except I made these earlier this year (our summer ) lol

I hope you think they are as fresh and yummy as I do!

This Is a square plate approx 22 x 22 cm and is $40.

This is the Original Rachel Bowl.  Named for my daughter Rachel as she made and designed this, and we have all recreated it in some way or other.
(Not for sale)

Continuing the green theme is this fracture/streamer  small Rachel bowl Ideal size for nuts or lollies or equally pretty as a candle holder.                                Each bowl is unique, although the glass may be the same the placement of the confetti and streamers create a unique look.    Priced at $20 

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